Steps to Lead a C-STEP Group

  1. Partner with a co-facilitator and set dates & times for your group.
  2. Complete Pre-Group Report at least 3 weeks prior to the starting date (link to the online pre-group report),
  3. Market your group & register participants.
  4. Review & prepare using the curriculum & training tools.
  5. Send an online meeting link & introduction email to your participants at least one week before the start.
  6. Lead your Six Module C-STEP Group sending out handouts and practice sheets prior to each meeting. Record attendance at each group.
  7. After the sixth and last C-STEP module, send out the participant feedback survey (link to survey).
  8. Complete the CSTEP Group After Report (link to after report).
  9. Complete and submit C-STEP Funding Award Application if desired.
  10. Encourage others to participate in or lead a CSTEP group.

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